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its the next hard week just beginning

I miss him a little...

 a little too much...

I'll count the days, till I see the look in his eyes again, and this moment, I will know: he missed me too.

He missed kissing and laughing

He missed just sitting by each other

He missed just being quiet, looking at each other

He missed how I hold his hands when we're driving in the car

He missed me. My smile, my hands, my eyes, my hairs that he used to touch...


well... I would describe how much I miss him.

but I'm not able to tell, how much it hurts, how much I miss the look in his eyes, while he is catching a kiss, while he is laying beside me, just being there and listening...

I'm not able to...



boy: Why don't you want to be with me?

girl: I'm afraid to fall and to be hurt again...

boy: maybe this time it's different?

girl: why ?

boy: Inspite of the fact, that you will never fall again...if you fall, I will be there to catch you....



15.1.07 20:24

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